Wexford Factory and the 2024 Opera Festival

The Wexford Factory, an initiative by Wexford Opera Festival 2024, serves as a vital platform for young opera singers and pianists entering the professional realm, offering them unparalleled support and training opportunities.

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Established in 2020 by Rosetta Cucchi, the Factory aims to provide a formative experience for emerging talent, partnering with renowned opera companies like the Rossini Opera Festival ‘Alberto Zedda Academy’ in Pesaro.

Supported by PwC Ireland, the Factory stands as a beacon of support for the next generation of opera performers, empowering them to embark on successful careers in the industry.

In addition to its partnership with PwC Ireland, the Wexford Factory also receives vital support from the Beckwith Trust for Young Musicians.

This collaborative effort ensures that young artists receive robust mentoring, access to world-class professionals, and the creative space necessary to hone their skills.

This support plays a crucial role in ensuring accessibility to training for young Irish or Irish-based artists who might otherwise lack access to such opportunities.

Through mentorship, international exchanges, and performances at the Festival, the Factory not only prepares artists for the demands of the industry but also contributes to the preservation and evolution of opera, enriching both communities and artists alike.

Furthermore, the Wexford Factory introduced a repetiteur pianist programme in 2022, supported by The Community Foundations for Ireland. This expansion demonstrates the Factory’s commitment to fostering talent across multiple disciplines within the opera world.

Participants in both Wexford Opera Festival 2024 programmes embark on a two-year journey, culminating in performances at the Festival and opportunities for international exchange, solidifying their place within the global opera community while contributing to the cultural richness of Ireland’s artistic landscape.

Rosetta Cucchi, Artistic Director, Wexford Festival Opera

“And then as now, people like Peter, Vivien and Leslie who through The Beckwith Trust give young artists the chance to make their dreams come true, are recognized for the magnificent work they do.

Today as Artistic Director of Wexford Festival Opera, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their Passion and support, which gives our young artists the wings to fly.” – Rosetta Cucchi, Artistic Director, Wexford Festival Opera